V. Advocacy and Voice

DSC00818ArtSource participants considered approaches to giving voice to art programs by exploring common misunderstandings the public might have about art and its role in the curriculum; identifying attributes associated with art making and creativity, and finally, discussing successful approaches for promoting art,

  • DSC00063linked to play; not serious
  • entertainment
  • ambiguous
  • no right answers
  • “hands on, minds off”
  • improve “tone” of the school
  • not basic to schools curriculum
  • special

Advocacy must demonstrate how art involves:

  • problem solving;
  • defining terms/classifying and categorizing;
  • determining consequences/discovering alternatives;
  • DSC00053becoming aware of complexity: seeing the ‘grey’ areas between black and white;
  • finding underlying assumptions/using analogies;
  • constructing hypotheses and generalizations / formulating and using criteria;
  • inquiring and reasoning;
  • drawing inferences from one or more premise/assumption;
  • innovation;
  • curiosity;
  • embracing ambiguity;
  • distinguishing between fact and fiction;
  • striving to be consistent and avoid contradictions;
  • respecting different ways of thinking and being;
  • tolerance of different viewpoint
  • determining and articulating feelings, value judgments / likes / dislikes; and
  • identifying examples and counter examples.

Advocate through:

  • Process Exhibitions: exhibiting and critiquing student and teacher work on a regular, on-going basis
  • Virtual Exhibitions: presented on blogs and websites; they are ongoing, more DSC00050accessible, easy to update
  • Share the “back story” of the art making process
  • Documentation for assessment can also be shared for advocacy/”informative advocacy” with permission; digital blogs, sketchbooks, in-process images, etc.
  • Newsletters
  • Video interviews
  • Professional associations

Advocacy Resources:

National Art Education Association: http://www.arteducators.org/

Colorado Art Education Association: http://www.caeaco.org/

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies: http://www.nasaa-arts.org/

Arts Education Partnership: http://www.aep-arts.org/



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