II. Reflecting

ArtSource participants respond to the discussions, speakers, and activities of the week with reflective quotes about the concepts presented to them.

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Ideation / Creativity:

“Good ideas are things you have true feelings about…”

“What do a dog and a wagon have in common?

DSC00086” Mantra: What if? What else? What’s next?

“Be an originator…be a creative responder…be a transformer of ideas…

” “Notice what you notice…”

“Mental shift…”

“Create a mantra to drive your creative energy…”

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change…”

“Habit and fear are creativity blocks…”

“Assumptions and judgments are often wrong…”

“Creativity is remembering…remembering what you knew as a child…”

“Take time to be creative…creativity inspired by playfulness not by the pressure of time…”


Originating / Doing / Making:

Mantra: Originate, Transform, Reclaim…

“Give yourself permission…”

“Make art about something you know or something you want to know more about…”DSC00035

“Get wild…get personal…practice…

” Mantra: Passionate, Personal, Pertinent…

“Three-year-old children are our mentors…”

“Doing and making; play and intention; experiment and refine…”

“Ah Ha! Sometimes you are the doer and the materials are the maker and what I can do is listen and notice…”

“I have a voice…the materials have a voice…we have a conversation…”

“Art making is a platform for letting people be richly themselves…”



“Teacher as conceptual artist…”

“Give students more time…”

DSC00033“Have we equipped our students with the ambiguity that life offers?”

“Challenge students to take risks and make mistakes…”

“Get students hooked on what they want to do and they will then want to know the rules on how to do it…”

“Repetition is really sticking with something long enough to really understand what it can do; it provides confidence…”

“NOTICE…and give credit for failure. Did the student find a solution? Did the student’s ideas change because of failure? What comes next?”

“We are ESSENTIALS not specials…spread the word…”

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